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Blogging goals: The first six months

In my last post, I explored why my two previous blogs failed. This week I want to reflect on how I can avoid failure my third time around and start to flesh out my blogging strategy.

I thought this would be a worthwhile  exercise for two reasons: first, to give you, my readers, an idea of what this blog is all about (assuming I have readers…hi, Mom!), and second, to keep myself accountable and to develop a blueprint that I can look back on when I find myself losing focus or motivation.

To begin, let’s determine what this blog isn’t:

  • This blog isn’t about making money: I’m not here to sell you anything or monetize my efforts.
  • This blog isn’t a one-stop-shop chock-full of an encyclopedic knowledge on any one topic (I’m not an expert…yet).
  • This blog also isn’t a space to discuss anything and everything that comes to mind (sorry, you won’t find me musing on about the history of LARPing or how to make the perfect Baklava; they’re just not in my DNA).

So, what is this blog?

  • It’s a personal journal where I record my thoughts and detail my efforts as I work toward my goal of starting a self-sustaining location independent business.
  • It’s a forum to showcase the creative work that I’ve done for clients and other individuals or publications.
  • It’s a space where I can experiment and learn about myself and my readers.
  • It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded aspiring digital nomads and successful remote workers.
  • And finally, this blog is a tool I can use to practise and improve my writing craft (and have some fun while doing it).

Now that I’ve laid out what this blog is and isn’t, I need to figure out what I need to do to ensure its success.

Success is simply the accomplishment of one’s goals, so I’m going to need some specific, concrete, measurable, and attainable goals.

I also realize that my goals are going to change and evolve as my blog grows and as I grow with it; with that in mind, my preliminary goals for this blog are to:

  • Regularly post at least once a week.
  • Learn one new skill relating to web design, SEO, WordPress, social media marketing, or something similar each week (e.g., customize my theme, experiment with SEO, test a new social media approach, learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics).
  • Connect with five other aspiring digital nomads, and
  • Consistently improve the clarity, coherence, consistency, and conciseness of my writing.

If I’ve reached all of these goals within six months, I’ll consider this blog a success. At that point in time, I’ll come up with another set of goals to cover the next six months (look for “Blogging Goals Part II” sometime in February 2016!).

Of course, having goals is only half the equation; taking what I learnt from last week’s post, I’ll still need to make certain that I:

  • am not afraid to press Publish
  • embrace the opportunity to be imperfect
  • find a suitable focus, and
  • am consistent (!)

Lastly, and possibly most important, I’m going to have fun!

So there it is: my first set of blogging goals. If I make it to my second set of goals, I’ll have done something right.

Let me know what you think.

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