The summer that wasn’t (or was it?)

As students flock back to campus, the days get shorter, the temperature drops, and leaves change colour.

The transition from summer to autumn is hurried and unjustified for many. Unlike spring, the poster child for growth, new beginnings, and the rebirth of ourselves and our surroundings, autumn signifies aging, even death. It reminds us that time is passing and that we are impermanent. Continue reading

My first Internet dollar(s)

I’ve alluded to my goal of becoming a self-sufficient, location-independent freelancer (or digital nomad, if you will) in the past. Unfortunately, I’ve been finding it difficult to devote much of my time to this particular cause as I’ve been focusing my efforts on finishing my research and writing my thesis so I can graduate before Christmas. I have a lot to do, and, unfortunately, that’s meant that any progress toward building up my freelancing skills or working on my online business has been put on an indefinite hold. Continue reading

Blogging goals: The first six months

In my last post, I explored why my two previous blogs failed. This week I want to reflect on how I can avoid failure my third time around and start to flesh out my blogging strategy.

I thought this would be a worthwhile  exercise for two reasons: first, to give you, my readers, an idea of what this blog is all about (assuming I have readers…hi, Mom!), and second, to keep myself accountable and to develop a blueprint that I can look back on when I find myself losing focus or motivation. Continue reading

Why do blogs fail?

It’s a question that’s frequently asked by beginner and expert bloggers alike. It’s also a question I like to think I’m somewhat qualified to answer seeing as this post marks the beginning of my third blog in as many years.

What happened to the first two? Let’s just say they didn’t fare so well.

But before I tackle the question of why they failed, I’d like to reflect on five lessons I learnt from those first two blogs: Continue reading