This post is part of a series detailing my experience with Damn Early Days (more on that here) and what I’ve learnt attempting to wake up really damn early every day.

When I first started Damn Early Days, I made the mistake of not knowing what I was going to do with my extra time each morning. I would wake up, have breakfast, and then start to wonder what it was I was doing up so early. I didn’t have a plan, an intention for how I was going to spend my time. So, instead of working on something productive, I often found myself cruising YouTube or getting lost in an endless Facebook feed.  Continue reading


Just the word conjures thoughts of monotony and stagnation, of office drones stuck in dead-end jobs. But routine doesn’t have to be associated with the slow flickering death of creativity. Routine can actually help bring more creativity into your life and get you closer to your goals much faster than any haphazard anti-schedule.

That’s not to say spontaneity doesn’t play an important role in our lives. I believe that spontaneity is the mother of all creativity. A willingness to let go of all assumptions and try new things, to try old things with a different mindset, to throw caution to the wind and take risks, and to step into uncertainty forces us to think in new ways and innovate. But without routine, it’s difficult to harness that creativity to get closer to our goals. Continue reading

Charting a course

Damn early days. 21 Damn Early Days, to be exact, to figure out the routines, goals, and habits that will get me closer to the person I want to become. But before I can chart a course, I need to figure out where I’m going.

Who is the person I want to become?

I could go on about how I want to be kind, loving, generous, honest, authentic, and confident (which is all true), but I’m going to focus on one specific characteristic for the next 21 days as part of Chasing Sunrise’s Damn Early Days programme: Continue reading

Blogging goals: The first six months

In my last post, I explored why my two previous blogs failed. This week I want to reflect on how I can avoid failure my third time around and start to flesh out my blogging strategy.

I thought this would be a worthwhile  exercise for two reasons: first, to give you, my readers, an idea of what this blog is all about (assuming I have readers…hi, Mom!), and second, to keep myself accountable and to develop a blueprint that I can look back on when I find myself losing focus or motivation. Continue reading