Self-sabotage and the art of self-forgiveness

This post is part of a series detailing my experience with Damn Early Days (more on that here) and what I’ve learnt attempting to wake up really damn early every day.

We learn by doing. You can read as many recipe books as you want, but you’ll never learn how to bake a pie until you get in the kitchen and start making mistakes. Along that same vein, my first round of DEDs was a masterclass in self-forgiveness and non-judgement. Continue reading

Thirty days without gossip

At the start of 2016, I made it my goal to rein in my gossip consumption, particularly the amount of mainstream media, Facebook, and YouTube I consume. If you’re confused as to why anyone would want to spend less time staying informed, I suggest you start with my last post, where I talk about a few of the negative aspects of consuming gossip.

This week (in case you still weren’t convinced that you should put down that morning paper), I thought I’d focus on some of the benefits of avoiding gossip and one hack I use to keep my gossip intake in check. Continue reading